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kr update

Well, the talk on the net was on peel ply. Peel ply is a synthetic cloth that is not compatible with fiberglass resin.
When the fiberglass resin cures the synthetic cloth “peel ply” is pulled off from the fiberglass leaving a smooth finish.

Anyhoo, I made two mock lay-ups: the first with peel ply, the other without.

What i used for peel ply was an unknown fiber from Walmart. By the feel it was polyester; cost was one dollar. On one half of the first test I let the west systems cure for about four hours and then removed or pulled it from the fiberglass.

The next half I let cure for twenty four hours before removing it. I would recommend waiting the twenty four hours. The one that only waited four hours left a slightly porous finish whereas the 24 hour side left a shinier finish.

So, all in all, cheap Walmart polyester and 24 hours cure time.
more later