Things to do in Nome…

Well, we’ve lined up stuff to do in Nome for the next two days. In the morning tomorrow, there’s a kids library day; after that, we’ll take Levi back to the ice rink and let him practice on his new skates. He had a great time today and was able to stay on his feet all the way across the rink! Then, in the evening, we are going to have Chinese. Keith has been longing for it since we got here. There is also a mid-week service at the Methodist church that we may go to. On Wednesday, there is a playground that Levi can play on that is not so far from here. And during the evening, pick-up hockey at the ice rink. I can’t wait to see a game!!!

So~ since we’ve now figured out what to do for the next couple of days in Nome, don’t you think it’d be a great time for the baby to come and mess up our plans?