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New iMac

So I just had lunch with my friend LaTia. I showed her my iBook because she was talking about wanting to get a laptop for grad school and she was also talking about asking her dad for an iPod for Christmas. She was pretty impressed with the iBook. Since we were in Frandor, we walked over to CompUSA to look at the different types of iPod’s. We looked at them for awhile and then mosied over to the Apple computing section. I was looking for the new iMacs to play around with, and see all the fun new features, and didn’t see a new one. I asked about the new ones and they were just getting it out of the box to display. We had the pleasure of watching it set up (for all you non-mac people, its a matter of plugging it in and typing in your name and address, basically). She was impressed with how quickly and easily it was set up and asked where all the CD’s were to load everything. 🙂 I think we may have a mac convert… or at least one can hope. We played with photobooth for a bit… i took our picture, then set the desktop to it. She figured out how to undo that, but the picture is still in PhotoBooth. I should go back over there and email it to myself… I think I will since I’m right next door, and then post it here. 🙂 We had fun.

And, no, this post was not paid for by Apple.


P.S. Ok, so I did, and here it is:
LaTia and Martha @ CompUSA

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