I’m Done

Yay! My classes are all done. Final grades have not been posted yet, but unofficially I four-pointed all my classes. Yippee! It’s such a relief to have this semester behind me. I resume classes on the ninth of January at CMU. I have 18 credit hours, so it promises to be a very hectic semester. In addition, I will be doing some sub teaching if I have the time.

In other news, Keith and I will attend the Christmas Eve service at our church (www.eriv.net) for the first time since we’ve started going. Although it means we miss the big family celebration with his Grandma, we are excited about going. In addition, my bestest brother and his family are joining us, so it will be a very special evening.

Keith is moving his airplane project to the ground level in the barn. Unfortunately, he can’t keep the snow out of the loft where his plane is currently sitting. So he is clearing out one of the stanchions, resupporting some of the rotted timbers, and weatherproofing the area. It is not as big of an area, but it should be easier to weatherproof. It puts him behind schedule a bit, but we are both working on it now that I am out of school.

We took Christmas photos with our digital camera. They turned out really good on screen, but we are having some difficulties with the printing out. The first ones came out way too dark, the second ones too grainy (I think I played with the coloring too much). Keith is taking them in today to see what he can do about a third set. đŸ™‚

I wish all of you a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year. Have a wonderful holiday and for those of you traveling, DRIVE SAFELY.

Martha and Keith

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  1. Hey how are you guys doing well i am just writing you guys to tell you guys that i have a dance and i am reall nervous. Its tonight and i don’t no how to dance very good well wish me luck write you soon

    Heather simerson. xoxoxox

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