Feeling Better

I have a feeling that as soon as I type this, I’m going to start feeling yucky again. But it has been a whole week and a half since I have felt the all day nausea stuff and throwing up yuckyiness. Could it be that the morning sickness (which is NOT only in the morning) is finally passing? Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Our next appointment is on Dec. 5 so we’ll get to hear the little heart thumping away. Right now, the baby is about a pound and about 8 inches in length. Amazing how quickly they grow. 🙂  I guess it’s about time to think about setting up the nursery and all that stuff. We still haven’t bought anything.

I’m off to catch up on the mountain of homework I have to do. 🙁 It piles up quick when you are feeling blah.

2 Replies to “Feeling Better”

  1. Nursery? I suppose, but there is no rush. The only thing you need a nursery for in the first couple months after birth is a place to store the stuff you’ve been given.

    During that time, Junior will be sleeping in your room, most likely in a bassinet. All the little grunts, pants, and sounds it makes will keep you from getting any deep sleep, but that frustration pales in comparison to how you’ll feel when you don’t hear its sounds! You won’t be able to count how many times that little critter is zonked and you check, and double check, just to make sure it is still breathing.

    ….or put the baby in the nursery and buy a monitor. Then you can get the same experience by sleeping next to a piece of plastic instead of your baby.

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