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Levi day two

All is  good here;  we should be going home Tuesday.

Here are a couple pictures to enjoy

img_0147.jpgGrandpa and Grandma simerson saying hi for the first timeimg_0165.jpg

img_0204.jpg Grandma  Stanley  saying  hi  for  the  first time

img_0149.jpg Grandpa Doug and myself trying to tie a shirt on Levi.

img_0199.jpg Quiet and beautiful all in the same picture.

2 replies on “Levi day two”

What an angel! I bet your father was so happy! Congratulations honey! And don’t worry, you’re pretty much going to be tired for the next twenty-some years! (LOL) You and Keith are going to be wonderful parents!

Hey Levi’s pica are so cute that you put up on your web site!!! He is the cutest baby boy ever. Well i gotta go but i just felt like writing and saying

Congrats again!!
See ya love heather!

P.S. Send kisses to Melvin,you guys,Chloe and Levi!!!xoxoxo

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