And she’s off again…

This time to Honduras. We landed without incident this morning and met up with JUan et al. We had a wonderful lunch at Gordo’s where the eight of us split the family meal deal. We all wound up with platters with rice, tortillas, beans, cheese, and fresh pico de gallo. The then brought out two trays laden with meats: chorizo, chicken, beef cuts and liver, and BBQ pork chops! So delicious. And much to spare.

We had a bit of hotel name mix-up and went to a not so nice part of Tegu. Green shirted men with shotguns laying across their laps is not a frinedly sight, nor was the rather comical lunatic wih his pants hanging around his ankles who jumped all around our taxi. Oops! While I ducked into a nearby Internet cafe with Juan to find the correct address, dad made friends with some local vendors who all tried to help, but only succeeded in selling him some fresh pineapple, bananas, and humungous grapes!

So now I am tucked safely into my safe hotel room wishing I could upload a pic. My complaint with the iPad is that I have no way to get my photos from canon to iPad. :(. Fix that please, apple.


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  1. It’s called the iPad Camera Connection Kit. With it, you can drop the flash card from your camera into its adapter and upload photos to the iPad. It’s gotten excellent reviews from the folks who have them. And/Or you can connect directly to the camera via USB and upload photos to the iPad.

    From there, the WordPress App for iPad works well for composing posts and uploading.