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KR up date

Hear is the latest on my KR.
The first is the boat without the spar, then the landing gear mount and template.
Next lining up the leg mount and template,
then its do or die time: DRILLING! 12 for 12; YEAH!
Last the brackets mounted to spar.
The fuse is now on it’s gear; I just forgot to take a picture. I should have a shot up by the end of the week.

3/31/07 I got a chance to do some work on my controls today

This is the dual stick and bell cranks with a control arm in the middle.


Check out my home page to see my new QC he should be on the job soon.


kr update

well its been a while so i thought i would do an up date.
MY wife and i attended the 2006 KR gathering this year and cha ching


talk about luck a friend gave me this engine
it is a corvair 110

I have recently made my first fiberglass lay-up on my horizontal stab
and surprisingly it came out perfect or at least good enough for government work
I will get a picture of it when my batteries charges in my camera

kr update

Well, the talk on the net was on peel ply. Peel ply is a synthetic cloth that is not compatible with fiberglass resin.
When the fiberglass resin cures the synthetic cloth “peel ply” is pulled off from the fiberglass leaving a smooth finish.

Anyhoo, I made two mock lay-ups: the first with peel ply, the other without.

What i used for peel ply was an unknown fiber from Walmart. By the feel it was polyester; cost was one dollar. On one half of the first test I let the west systems cure for about four hours and then removed or pulled it from the fiberglass.

The next half I let cure for twenty four hours before removing it. I would recommend waiting the twenty four hours. The one that only waited four hours left a slightly porous finish whereas the 24 hour side left a shinier finish.

So, all in all, cheap Walmart polyester and 24 hours cure time.
more later

kr update

The following are some pictures of todays progress on my kr2s.

I started the day by building the “V” shaped piece that transfers the load from the spar to the fuselage.

Next, I laminated two strips of thin spruce to the rudder post. The spar was originally cut for the old airfoil and was to narrow.

Having much better luck than normal I cut the front vertical spar.

Finally, the most difficult job of the day was locating where the spar passes through the bulk head.


On the ride home last night I sprung a leak in my radiator.
Not that big of a deal except that I didn’t notice it until i was in the red “NOT GOOD”.
not sure of the damage yet we will see.

KR2S update

Here is what I have been working on lately:

Tail foam is sanded into shape and is awaiting fiberglass.

Rudder pedals are built and ready for installation.

KR Progress

I finally had time to work on my airplane. Saturday morning I worked on the hinges for the elevator and Sunday afternoon I cut out new airfoil templates for the vertical stabilizer and elevator. Here’s a couple of pictures of what I’ve accomplished.

KR-2 Moved

well today I moved my airplane project to its new home in st johns.
it now resides in a drafty barn. I am in the process of putting plastic on the walls and luann on the floors.
the space should be finished in a week then