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from my roof top. sunset 11:30pm

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Spring Time

This morning, I was awakened to an unfamiliar sound. As I lay there, half awake, it took me awhile to place the sound. And then, I peacefully lay my head back down on my pillow with a welcoming smile. Welcome back, Ocean. We’ve missed you.

In other news, I’ve lost 5 pounds. 🙂 My friend Heidi and I are doing the P90X fitness program. Boy, am I getting fit… Bring It!

As the school year winds down, I’ve reflected upon our experience. We’ve eaten all manner of different foods here, from sea peaches to walrus. Some of it we really liked. The culture here is very different. Again, there are parts to really like, and parts that we wished were different. We’ve made many friends, and have seen some friends leave (we miss you, Meadows family!). We are looking forward to our return to MI, but the real indicator of whether or not we’ve enjoyed our stay here is this: We will return in the fall.

Keith and Levi leave on the 20th. I’m staying an extra week for a Curriculum conference in UNK, then I’ll be flying home. I have a brief (7 hour) layover in Seattle, where I’ll force my lovely brother to become a morning person for a day. On the 29th, I’ll be back in MI. I’m looking forward to green grass and trees!!!! It’ll be a nice change of scenery:

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Keith’s Assan installation

some picks of my assan 2.4ghz hack installation in my JR xp7202.

The kit.

where I was going to install the assan.

I don’t have one of those neat gator soldering holder thingies.
Extending the LED and dt,dp switch.

This is were the assan ended up.

Here you can see were I put the x8 and mounted the LED. The switch and entena will go on the back cover on top.

This is the Assan installed and the back ready to go on.
I this pick the 2.4ghz entenna was going on the out side of the 27MH bord.
I ended up putting it under itand then out the top of the back case.
That was a tight fit!

And complete. I THINK!

pretty red light, it turns green to.

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Moon Set 11:34 AM, 12/30/2009


12:00, with sunrise

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Merry Christmas to All

merry christmas

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

and the little mouse figured out that those pretty decorations under the tree are a bit more than decoration…
unwrapunwrap pjunwrap book

I think we’ll make it a tradition to open PJ’s and a new book the night before Christmas…

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Winter fun:

Christmas Cookies:

In Nome:
Double fisting

Clearing the Path:

Keith’s New Hobby
indoor garden

Savoonga Sun and Moon
midday sunmoon

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Silent Night in Siberian Yupik

Nepugilnguq unuk, agleghnalghii unuk,
nekeggmelnguq, nighulghii,
uvitnga taghnughhaamllu,
agleghnalghii taghnughhaq nepugilnguq,
qavalghii nekeggmelleghqun,
qilagem nekeggmellghakun.

That makes as much sense to you all as Matt’s post made to me. 😀 Can you figure out what it is?

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Time Lapse

From my kitchen window:

aug 14aug 16sept 6nov 27dec 1

Yes, those are reindeer on the ice. Yesterday, we saw waves and open water!

Updated photos:

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Travel Weary

Is about how I feel right now. I’ve been traveling a fair bit lately, and I’m exhausted. The conference I am at right now in Shaktoolik was really eye-opening. It was about English Language Immersion and how to help English Language Learners become successful in school, giving us employable classroom strategies to aid in student success.

The real highlight, though, was in the cultural workshops we attended today. Native Eskimos talked about the rich cultural history in the BSSD and the impact education has had upon their culture. More than anything, these Professionals gave me back a bit of what I’ve been losing: Hope. Hope for my students, and for their futures. And an affirmation of why I am here: to help these students head in a direction that moves them forward. The one thing these Native professionals all had in common that struck me: their belief that they cannot go back. As much as they love their time-honored culture, as much of it they would like to preserve (and are preserving), they all recognize that they cannot go back to a hunting/gathering subsistence lifestyle; they MUST move forward. They must carve out their own place, a new role in a familiar land, among familiar faces, while retaining a heritage that is partially forgotten. An incredible and daunting task to be sure. And an incredibly daunting task for all teachers here who are trying to help them move forward.

And… I tried several native foods tonight at the wedding celebration here: some caribou, eskimo icecream, pickled mungtuk, salmonberry/rhubarb soup. I think that is all I tried. Enough strange things went into my stomach tonight. We’ll see how my stomach processes all that. 🙂