Author: martha

  • I’m Done

    Yay! My classes are all done. Final grades have not been posted yet, but unofficially I four-pointed all my classes. Yippee! It’s such a relief to have this semester behind me. I resume classes on the ninth of January at CMU. I have 18 credit hours, so it promises to be a very hectic semester.…

  • It’s December

    Yay! There is finally a bit of snow on the ground. 🙂 Not very much, but enough to cover the ugly brown up and make the trees look pretty. Today, I am going to get in the Christmas spirit and break out the christmas decorations and decorate the house, if my shoulder can handle it.…

  • kr stuff

    the plane is sitting on stilts and wok has begun. this is the horizontal stab /elevator with hinges.

  • Apologies

    Happy Belated Birthday Amy! I have been remiss. I did not post birthday wishes to my freind Amy. Belated Birthday wishes, Amy. I’ll post your picture later. 😀 I don’t have it on hand on my iBook… its on my desktop computer. Here she is! Be careful what you wish for Amy Lou!

  • New Post

    I’m feeling the need to post something new since it is way past Jen’s Birthday, but my life is pretty boring right now, so I don’t have much to post. I downloaded FireFox the other day and am playing with it and the themes. It’s a pretty cool program and I am quickly learning to…

  • Birthday Wishes

    Happy Birthday to Jennifer Simerson, my most favoritest sister-in-law in the world. She married to my most favoritest brother. Happy Birthday Jen! Love Martha

  • New iMac

    So I just had lunch with my friend LaTia. I showed her my iBook because she was talking about wanting to get a laptop for grad school and she was also talking about asking her dad for an iPod for Christmas. She was pretty impressed with the iBook. Since we were in Frandor, we walked…

  • Birthday Wishes

    Hi All! If you know my brother, Matt, then wish him a Happy Birthday today. It’s his 32nd! Happy Birthday, Matt! Love, Martha

  • Reality

    So, I got my test results today. I got better than 100% on both of them. And my presentation went well too; I received 9.5 of 10 possible points. So now my semester is half over, and I am doing really well. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I have a presentation in my…

  • Tests

    It’s almost scary in a way, but I feel like I did very well on both tests today. Not just kind of good, but like maybe I got a hundred percent, plus the extra credit bonus questions that I got right. Wow… Thanks for all the prayers. I’ll let you all know if my feeling…