Merry Christmas Eve

We’ve started a tradition with Levi that the night before Christmas, he can open two presents: one containing PJ’s and the other a book, so he can be all snuggled into bed.

This year, thanks to Grandpa Doug and Grandma Deb, we let him open a third that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Enter Clifford, who in Levi’s own words:


All snuggled in:

And lest we forget the dog:


Outside our kitchen window today, there was a pod of belugas, about 75 feet offshore, just swirling in circles. There must have been about 20-30 of them, just swirling. It was a pretty awesome sight. Keith shot some footage of it; you can see it here.

Early Christmas Present

Introducing the first pictures of baby girl Crawford.

We were glad we got pictures. The printer was being tempermental, so we weren’t sure that we would be able to get any pictures before we left Nome. However, the next day we went into Radiology and they were there waiting for us.

Fist pointing downward
Waving to the world
Hello World!

We still don’t know where we are going to deliver. Nome has many advantages, such as proximity and that they are very used to unmedicated and natural deliveries, but there are disadvantages as well. We shall see what comes.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…


Got a pretty good storm last night, lots of wind and snow. Levi was thrilled to get out his snow gear. I would venture to guess that the new superintendent is not so thrilled with being stuck, literally, in Gambell. Flights in and out of Nome have been cancelled for a couple days as they are experiencing worse weather than we are. Luckily for the Superintendent, we have a district plane with an ace pilot who can bypass Nome and get him and the rest of the administrative crew back home.

Fall photos

And we are getting ready for Halloween. 🙂 Levi got his costume and loves it, except it’s too warm in the house. He’s going to be the cutest Tiger on the planet!

And getting into the fall spirit! Thank you, Aunt Rebecca, for sending the pumpkins and gourds. They are a rarity here!

2/3 of the way there….

My family is in MI, and I start the first leg of my journey today. It’s been so beautiful here, I’m not sure I wanted to leave. But God certainly has a way of prodding me out, as I wake up this morning to the ice all moved back to shore… and snow!

Off to Unalakleet for a week of work, then on Friday I start making my way back to MI with a much anticipated stop in Seattle to have brunch with my bro and family. 🙂 Can’t wait!